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A. A residence shall not be used as the location of a yard sale, garage sale or carport sale (or any combination thereof) more than four times in any calendar year, nor longer than two (2) days for any single event.

B. No more than three (3) children, other than those residing therein, may be taken in for child care or baby sitting in a private residence.

C. No mobile home or house trailer shall be parked or stored in a residential zone district. A camping trailer, motor home or camper may be permitted within an owner's residential property, subject to compliance with Off-Street Parking and Loading criteria of the Zoning Ordinance. No mobile home, house trailer, camping trailer or camper shall be occupied or lived in other than in a mobile home or recreational vehicle park or mobile home subdivision as permitted.

D. There shall be no parking of recreational vehicles (trailers, boats, campers, etc.) on a public street when not attached to a vehicle. If attached to a vehicle, parking on a public street is permitted for a maximum period of forty eight (48) hours.

E. Setbacks for all buildings in all districts shall be measured from property lines.

F. Mechanical work on vehicles that may take more than seventy two (72) hours to complete must be done inside a garage, carport or rear yard in residential areas. Such work shall be restricted to vehicles licensed to the resident of the property upon which the work is being done.

G. Neither building permits nor certificates of occupancy shall be issued until use of the land and/or building conforms to this Ordinance.

H. Non-commercial, non-business wireless communications equipment shall be considered a permitted accessory use in all Districts when it complies with the following conditions:

1. Equipment is used to provide fixed wireless communications service(s) to, and is located on the same property as, a single structure or group of structures under common ownership used for substantially the same purpose.

2. Equipment mounted on the roof of the served structure does not extend more than five (5) feet above the roofline.

3. Equipment mounted on an exterior wall of the served structure does not extend more than twelve (12) inches from the mounting wall.

4. Equipment mounted on a pedestal, foundation, or on the ground in rear or side yards does not extend above the height of a solid, screening wall and/or vegetation provided and maintained on the subject property.

5. Equipment is camouflaged and/or screened from view from surrounding properties.

6. All antennae and towers greater than thirty-five (35) feet measured from grade shall require a Use Permit and shall be located at least one (1) foot from all property lines for every foot of the antenna’s or tower’s height above grade.

I. The sale and/or planting in the City of Goodyear of pollen producing varieties of trees such as the male mulberry tree (Morus Alba) and the olive tree (Olea Europea) which produce large amounts of allergenic, airborne pollens is hereby declared to be a public nuisance. Specifically excluded from the provisions of this section are non-pollinating varieties of olive and male mulberry trees.