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The following limitations shall apply:

A. Attached church spires, crosses, belfries, cupolas, flag poles, clock towers, or similar features may extend above the roof no more than the height of the building. Detached features shall be no greater than twice the height of the highest building on site.

B. The maximum building height permitted for non-residential uses may be increased 10 feet above the building height limit for unoccupied building architectural elements, such as parapet walls, chimneys, towers, domes and decorative masonry or metal framework, that are necessary to achieve the objectives and requirements of the City Design Guidelines to provide architectural interest and diversity in building elevations or variations in roof form and horizontal lines; provided that the total amount of such architectural elements that exceed the building height limit do not exceed 50% of the linear length of any building elevation or exceed 50% of the total roof area of the building.

C. Parapet walls or cornices may extend to five (5) feet above the maximum building height limit to provide required screening of mechanical equipment from street view.

D. Notwithstanding this Ordinance, no exceptions to the height limit shall be permitted in any district combined with an airport hazard district, except to the extent that the height limit in an airport hazard district exceeds the height limit in the use district.

E. No building shall be erected to exceed the height limit designated for the district in which located, whether the height be designated in number of stories, number of feet, or otherwise.