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(A) In connection with any modification or recalculation of an assessment in a Municipal Improvement District, Council shall adopt base fees necessary for the full recovery of City costs.

(B) In addition to the base fees, the party submitting the application for modification or recalculation of any assessment shall also pay all outside engineering and legal fees incurred by the City in connection with the review of any modification or recalculation of any assessment (collectively, the outside fees). Base fees are due and payable to the City when the Petition for Modification of Assessment is filed with the City Clerk. Outside fees shall be billed to and paid by the applicant before the modification request is approved by the Council.

(C) All fees and fee amounts for services or other operations of the City governed by this chapter shall be authorized, established and/or amended by resolution of the City Council. Any provision of the code requiring a fee to be authorized or established by ordinance is hereby amended to allow said fees to be enacted, established and amended by resolution. (Prior Code, Art. 19-3) (Ord. 95-517, passed 1-10-1995; Am. Ord. 21-1511, passed 7-12-2021)